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If you have run out of detailer when claying...

  2004 1.5 DCi 80 Dyna
Will water (or water and a bit of car shampoo) do or do I need to buy more detailer?

Looking forward to a day of cleaning soon, but I know I have a small amount of detailer left in the bottle.
  2.2 bar shed.
50:50 mix of water and car shampoo is better than detailer imo. s**t sight cheaper as well.
  172 RS Ph1
50:50? That's way too much for most modern, concentrated shampoos!

Besides, most detailers can be dilluted for claying, mostly 1:1 and even up to 1:3


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
I use Asses milk and Baboon sperm.

Slips along like nothing else.
  Laguna Estate
I fill my spray bottle with water and add one capful of car shampoo, give it a swirl and your ready to go