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  Facelift R53 Cooper S
sticking it in a bowl of rice for 48 hours is meant to help remove moisture from inside the device

i hope you didn't try to turn it on though (assuming it turned itself off)
  57 Clio Campus Sport
Dude, I did it to mine yesterday...wierd coincidence or enexplainable phenomenon? maybe toilets around the world wanted to punish the new most used invention in the history of the world...
  Titanium 182
I turned it off right after I fished it out. Put it in the airing cupboard then on top of the radiator. It's dried out now all the water has gone from under the screen.

When it fell in only the bottom half got wet so the top water sensor hasn't been tripped. It will turn on and work pretty much fine but only when you plug it in...

After you unplug it then it turns off after like 20 mins and wont turn on again unless you connect it. It wont restore either.

No chance of apple replacing it with one water sensor tripped ? or will a bit of superglue and tissue paper trick them :rasp:
Probably easier just to go through insurance, nearest genius bar is in manc : /
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
my ex did that, left it for two days, eveyrthing worked fine. just slightly cloudy camera lense :)
  Titanium 182
It's working ok now, hasn't turned off and I've had it on for about an hour. Camera is fine etc going to give it a chance today and see how it holds up :rasp:

There is a funny diagonal line running across the screen though that you can see when you hold it at an angle.