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illegal plates

  7.6cc :D

Ive had an excuse me miss, were you aware your plates are illegally spaced etc. etc................. whilst being pulled over for a producer a couple of years ago.

Its helps being blonde and innocent looking :devilish: I was told to get them changed when i had the chance.

Depends what mood the policeman is in, antagonising them and answering back never helps.

My mum had black and white plates on her golf and just got a verbal warning. I dont think the feds are as nice to blokes though lets face it.

I will be getting an illegally sized front numberplate but keep the typeface and rear plate standard. Ill also keep the correct front plate on the dash!
  Abarth Grande Punto

Mine has illegal spacing and have the police pull me over for other things and blatently looked at my blates and they havent battered an eyelid! My plates are in standard legal font. My mate has illegal fonts and mispaced and he gets sh*t all of the time from the law.

It does depend on your police! My advise is if you mispace it do not use fancy fonts because the police will notice that alot more than mispacing.

My plate should be P5 TUM changed to P 5TU M ;)
  7.6cc :D

Quote: Originally posted by Paul Freemantle on 13 February 2003

Innocent in look only - eh jilly

:mad: ill have you know i only got 44 on that test.........what did you get Mr Freemantle, high 80s ;)
  350z & 16v Maxi

For an MOT there is different rules than the actual law. You just need to have at least a certain size of space in the middle, between the letters and at the side thats it.

The number plate i used to have on my car was absolutely tiny. I make plates at my work so made it myself and cut it down with a jig saw. The height was the same height as the space for a plate on the front bumper of a valver so that it didnt hang over the bumper like a normal plate and it was just over half the length of a normal plate. I never got any trouble from the law and it is really bad round here for modded cars.

When i get my car back i am thinking about putting a sticky plate on my sun strip at the top of the car so it doesnt spoil my front bumper. How do you think the law will react to that. It is just going to be the standard size, and standard font.
  Mk2 172

I had some rounded slightly italic plates made, and was told that the font and letter spacing made them illegal. They took photos, and gave me a 7 day sic note to prove it.

I think the nice policeman that pulled me was either on piece work, or had been very bored. I am sure he had more productive things to do with his time.

Isnt there only one legal font now?

I have renault imprinted in the back of the plate and even though you cant see it apparetnyl its now illegal. Went to get a new one but you need to take your life history with you nowadays! V5, drivers licence, photo id, inside leg size, the lot. If i get stopped Ill change it, if I can carry all the documents they require now

Po Po are w**kers here... £30 fine for my ones... :cry:

Although i also had 4 tyres with v lil tread on em @ the time of being pulled... I think being a girl n having a great smile did help, so they just did me for the plates n gave me a producer... ! :oops:
  RS Clio 182

I was fined £30 for having the standard font mispaced. My reg is S12 ORY and id moved the numbers to spell S 12ORY (RORY). Police were alerted to my car as I was doing 50mph in a 40 zone but they couldnt do me for speedin cos my Snooper alerted me they were behind me. They followed me for 5 miles before stopping me for my reg. Even had the cheek to say my name in conversation before they had asked me what it was!

Not worth mispacing in my opinion. Every time the police were behind me after the fine, I kept thinkin they were gonna pull me over again so I decided to change it back to a legal plate.

sounds like im ok on fonts and sh*t but wid the bolt, i mite have to remove it if i get pulled ova, ill wait and c. as im slanting the 11 a little they may not care so much hopefully

seems to depend on how cocky and where I am. Normal day to day driving Im fine. If i attend a cruise I carry a legal set and some velcro ;)
  BMW 320d Sport

Ive been almost done for false plates but not illegal spacing. I chose my new reg cos its one that doesnt need a stupid font or really mis-shaped letters or bolt heads to work properly. All thats need is a slight mis-spacing and the rest of its legal.

As long as youve got a spare set of plates in the boot that you forgot to put back on when you were leaving that car show, youll be ok I reckon.