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Im back from the R,R day!!!

  Leon Cupra

And i got 164BHP, well pleased with that. Got some good pics of cars on the rollers. What everyone else get??

  Leon Cupra

Some pics.
Clio V6, very nice!!">


I think the problem is that they are linked to a secure backup site which we dont have permission to view! (or something along those lines)

Anyway - 164bhp - is that at the wheels or the calculated flywheel figure? If it was at the flywheel, what did you get at the wheels mate? Oooohhh, what torque figure did you get too and was it all done in 4th gear?

Sorry for all the questions!

  Leon Cupra


I got 164BHP @ the Fly, 121.5 @ the wheels and 138lbf-ft in 4th gear.
Think I was joint best flywheel figer with Chun for the 172s.


It was warm today though..

nice one dood..


(ps - its nice to see realistic figures for a change)

Tim, btw, have you got a graph plot of the torque m8 ??.. I need a few to average out for the turbo mods ??.

  Leon Cupra


The bulb is fcuked on me scaner mate, i think Outkast(Dave) has copys of all the graphs so you might want to mail him.

  TT 225

Hiya, just registered on here. Bought myself a Williams 2 a couple of weeks back and had it on the rollers today just to see what power i was getting and to check the timing/fueling etc.

Got 130bhp at the wheels, and 120lb/ft, which kinda impressed me.

I Love my Clio

Hooray! Nice cars... What did the V6 sound like on the rollers? Bet it was nice!!!

Thanks for the info Tim - thats roughly what I was getting from my 172 when it was standard...

  TT 225

The torque seems low?

Sorry about my late reply, but Ive been working away and had no net access

Its a standard willy, and im not sure what kind of power Im supposed to be getting. I know they are 150bhp standard (at the fly) so was impressed that it got 130 at the wheels.

What kind of torque should i be getting?

Thanks for your help


Well at the last rolling road at power engineering both me and Dazz f got around 130 bhp at the wheels and we both got over 140 lb/ft of torque?
I know results vary from company to company and as you say it is a standard willy which seems to be making more power than the 172s then i wouldnt worry about it!
Are you sure it is standard?

  TT 225

As far as I know its only got a K&N panel filter and a s/s exhaust..

Will investigate further this weekend tho actually got some time to myself!

Ill have another look at the printout from the RR too

  Skoda Fabia vRS

Tim, as i said in the email my webspace is case sensitive, you have to type the file name EXACTLY as it was when you sent it me