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im such a fool!!!!!!!!!

Driving along a long road yesterday on my mobile phone msging...

i lookup in rear view mirror.. and a Renault 5 GTT is up my arse.... so i put phone down so i could concerntrate on the road and him behind me....

anyway im in 5th gear and turbo goes to over take me... i wasnt going to race but i put my foot down without changing gear to 3rd or anything to gimme accelration... now he was level with me then we started coming to end of road, so i backed off to let him get in front coz he was on the otherside of the road... and would have got slammed by another car/lorry.

we get to the yellow line and he does like a "evenish" wavey hand at me.. i was like.. FFS i should have just dropped the gears and floored it, and wasted him.

but being a nice guy that i am.. i just stuck my thumb up and smiled and he did the same.

Just hope he dont expect the same thing next time round!

  Clio 197

err...arent you supposed to allow an overtaking car past. I dont think you are really supposed to speed up and make things dicey when some poor bloke tries to overtake.

Just my opinion, and probably that of the highway code or whatever they call it these days. Could be an offence actually.

he did though - im more concerned about the mobile phone bit. Its really not worth txting or talking on a mobile when driving. Ive seen too much bad driving by people on mobiles, and you realise youll probably get pulled if your seen doin it by a copper.
Just some advice m8 thats all, Id hate to see another willy written off!


  Shiny red R32

James, being the more sensible of the sexes, I would say that you are pretty STUPID if you drive whilst texting on your phone

Talking on the mobile isnt half as dangerous as texting and I am rather pleased that the GTT got past you, having a Raider myself! Serves you right, I hope he passes you next time as well.


  Shiny red R32

James, you will have to write a hundred times "I MUST NOT USE MY MOBILE PHONE WHILST DRIVING"

i wasnt driving at speed tho... only going 5mph and looking constantly as the phone was above my steering wheel!

dont forget, im in jersey, and not on motorways etc

ok a little over exaduration.....

15 then!

i did throw the mobile on the passenger seat tho once i saw the car up my arse... i wasnt txting while he was trying to over take..

Texting while driving...ya wimp....

I prefer to watch telly and play on my laptop while driving, Makes the experience far more exiting, only of course to be done at speeds in xs of 100 mph

Seriously, mobile fones and driving do not mix. Aprat from the dangers to other road users, I am sure you woulda pissed all over him if you were let us Willy drivers down there my friend.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeh, let the fool past!!

Nothing would of pissed him off more than thnking he had just roasted a willy. Then to see his face when he realises you werent concentrating and werent that bothered anyway would of been cool.

You should of kept your phone in ye know for next time.

Nowadays the 5 Turbo boys seem to be more the enthusiast types - and are fairly clued up on what car youve got as a result. Id be surprised if he didnt have a few "select" mods, helping him to be a little quicker than a Willy on the straights.

The standard GT Turbo was capable of 0-60 in 7.1 secs out of the box. For the 16v and Williams its 7.7 secs. Now I know that doesnt sound like a lot, but at 60mph even half a second ahead is about 3 car lengths.

Factor in the really good torque spread, probably uprated turbo/intercooler system and the short gearing - and you could find yourself whopped by some 1980s style!!

As for B-roads, youll be smitten - but not by as much as youd like to think!

Theres still no excuse for overtaking like a loony and being dangerous, but give the Tub some respect!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I was playing with a 5 turbo (raider) when I infamously spun my Williams! Ive always wanted a raider for some reason.....


this renault 5 looks old and decrapped it had standard wheels etc and the paintwork wasnt short of faded off lol.

i dont think it would have been modded, well, unless he is the type to leave the outside and mod the inside and make people guess... but i did feel a little embaressed that he waved his hand at me to think he has just ripped me when i wasnt even in the racing attitude! surely him coming up behind me driving slowly would have given him a clue!

oh well, i shall wait for revenge..

next year i will be getting a turbo fitted to my willy so he really wont be waving at me from infront of my windscreen!

Renwill, were you been to lately?? coulda done with your bidding skillz on the e-bay auction.. it ended up £127!! i know halves woulda made it look a small price to pay and woulda been cool for u to have got the highest bid. but im off to cyprus this weekend and needed the spending money!! so couldnt whack out £130