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I'm thinking about changing...

  BG Clio 182 FF
I'm thinking of freeing up some cash and selling the 182 and buying a mint williams. Please talk me out of it !!!!!
Find a good one stick some spare in the bank for possibnle repairs and you'll love it.

It is a much more alive car but if your doing motorway miles or loads of miles I'd keep the 172 as its easier to drive.
  BG Clio 182 FF
i saw one last night and it sounded awesome. Yours looks spot on. I need to have a think. I love my 182 but I could free up a few K's


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf R
I'd have one as a second car, but not as a daily driver.


The reliability just isnt there, i wouldnt trust it tbh

Deep pockets needed!

I did see one for sale on PH a while back for 10k it had 9,000 miles on the dial with 8 service stamps, v impressive!
Buying a williams.

Freeing up some cash.

These sentences can never be combined! LOL

They run well as daily drivers though, they're much happier than if they're left to stand for ages :) Just have to keep up the maintenance on them...