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Immobiliser Problem

  Renault Clio

I have a problem to explain, would appreciate any help on this as it is confusing me very much.

After getting up this morning i tryed to turn my clio on (mk2 ph1 1.2). I have a clifford 650 fitted and the car unlocked fine with this nothing was wrong here. Put the key in the ignition and tryed to turn the car over to sit idling for a while to heat up. When turning the key to try and start the car is would seem the engine was trying to turn over but wouldnt, after this i turned the key back into the off position and noticed the standard immobiliser light was flashing alot faster than usual indicating that the car had been immobilised (the red dot light thing on the dash that flashes slowly when car is locked or unlocked).

Then i got out the car, locked it again fine as always and left it for a few minutes, then i unlocked it, got in it, tryed to turn it over, this time with a different key (i had originally used the spare) and this time the car's engine turned over just fine, i turned it off and started it three times and it was all fine!!

Any idea as to the problem? It has done this once or twice before but with gaps of literally months in between the occasions!

Any help/ideas much appreciated.

The clio has been fine all day today after work etc started fine. I dont know whats wrong, if anything at all.

Thanks again
Could be the transponder ring around the key acting up they often fail.

Is it always the spare which fails?
  Renault Clio
urm well originally the spare was my key i used to start it as usual, then i noticed the spare at the time (which i use everyday now) and started to use this key instead having read something about it previously to do this when one of them wont start the car with the immobiliser kicking in etc, apparently it fails to disarm it when you turn the key or something.

So then when this problem happened yesterday it was the spare key i used (the one i always used to use before it started the problem) and then a few mins later tryed my one i use now (the original spare) its been fine again ever since i duno lol

Any ideas???