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immobilser problems

my immobilser just keeps on coming on and off its a standard one which came with the car how can i turn it of please help. so far i have turn it off on the cobra box by the water bottle and flicked the switch inside. i know it is self powered so can i turn that off and will it help me:(

Hmm, my standard immobiliser comes on after 30seconds.. Cant be taken off apparently.

Maybe you have the same - auto arming immobiliser, although, I did think it was on only on the Mk1, Phase3 Clios where it auto-arms (96-98).


If all else fails you can dissable the immobiliser by taking the top dash off(5 Torx bolts)and join up the red and yellow wires of the fuel pump and starter which are interupted by the immobiliser. My car was off the road for two weeks when I had problems with my Cobra alarm/immobiliser!

I got an imobaliser question:

When my car is imobalised (the alarm is off but imobaliser is on) the engine starts, runs for a few seconds then cuts out. Its a factory fitted on a 91 rt. Just wondered why and how it ran for a few seconds and then cut out.

It was funny when I took it to the renault garage cos I didnt know if I had an imobaliser or not. He switched off the alarm and told me to start the car, it started and he said "no you dont have an imobaliser" then it cut out and he said "yes you have an imobaliser" we did it a few times and it did the same thing. So I know its supposed to do it like that.


Hmm, my factory fit immobiliser does it.. but only the first time.. itll *sometimes* start then cut out, but then after that it just wont turn over. Its weird.

Sometimes it just wont start - very odd.


Quote: Originally posted by Daz on 22 February 2003

Should you really be saying how to do this on a public forum? :confused:
Yeah I do!

If only someone had told me this info two months ago it would have saved me a whole load of hassel!!

I got stranded in the middle of knowwhere when my fekken immobiliser failed, I eventually had it towed to renault who had it a few days just to tell me they didnt know what was wrong with it! and charged me £58, they said they could dissable it but"its quite a compicated job and might take about three hours"(£176). Two weeks of trying to work it out myself I finally found out how to bypass the bloody thing.

This is why I posted the info.

Ok. :)

Glad I got another Immobiliser aswell.. didnt think the standard one would be that easy to disable!