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import servicing and warranty

just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with dixon renault in york with imports with servicing and warranty work and just generally what is their service like

ta mike

my import 172 has been back to dixons york on 4 occasions to get one problem fixed. I have not had any problems with them regarding the car being an import, but the service they provided was nothing short of disgusting. They lied about order status, refused to phone me back on any occasion, cut me off when I phone them, ordered the wrong parts etc etc. Eventually they have sorted the problem out, but only after I bo**ocked the service manager and told him I was going to renault uk and his manager if he didnt sort it out.

Where abouts in York are you based?

hopefully should buy it on the 1st of march but im trying to wait till im 23 to get cheaper insurance but thats only the 10th of march its at a place called venga racetech on monkscross but if that ones gone i dunno i will buy any low milage phase 2 172 in silver :)

never heard of him! Mind you I have seen another red 172 driving down my road from time to time, must be them instead.

they might have sold it now though, coz there was a 2nd hand red mk2 172 in dixons when I was getting mine fixed.

dont know anyone who lives in york, but I think chavyboy visits the area from time to time.. Quite a few people seem to come to york from time to time to go to the drag strip

only time i have ever been there was rallying twas a good day tho :) do you use msn messenger ?? if so my e-mail addy is"> well thats if you want to

ta mike