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indicator not always working, ahhhhhhh


ok this is starting 2 do my head in

ive sourced the problem to the rear left side indicator

1995 1.8 8v rsi

basically sometimes the indicator doesnt work so i get the fast ticking noise when i select it

but sometimes it works, so points that the bulb is ok and its a dodgy connection?

anyway, sometimes going round a corner will change it from being fine to then not working, or vice versa

earlier it did it and assoon as i started to pull the light out it started working ok again, i can wiggle the plug around at the back and it makes no different 2 it,

so what could be the problem??? seems to just have a life of its own

tonight im going to check the bulbs in nice and tight, might even replace the sodding bulb just to be sure its not having fits of not wanting 2 work

doing my head in though
  Clio 1.4, SV650S

could be water... happened to mine once.

pulled the connector off the back and sprayed with WD-40 and its been fine ever since. check there is no water in the lamp at the same time.

well its not water mate, dry as a bone

i took the bulb out and it did seem to be slightly black on 1 side

so halfrauds it was, £1 for a new bulb, and so far so gd, so hopefully bulb was just on the way out and worked sometimes and not others, i guess problem had been getting worse so it makes sense

just hope it stays ok lol

i has this on my car when it was about a year old. the contacts in the bulb holder just needed a bit of a rub with some emery paper just to get some crap of them and its been fine ever since.