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  Clio 200 FF

ok im gonna get some silverfusion bulbs for the indicators front and side, which bulbs do i need for the front - offset pins or opposite pins?

are these easy to change on a 01 172 as there doesnt look to be any room

  Clio 200 FF

Thanks GR, it shows these are available for the clio but doesnt say if there offset or opposite pins - id probabaly guess wrong
  996 Carrera

got mine from powerbulbs too.

Just order two sets of PY21W. I think they are offset pins but I fitted mine without any problems - apart from skinning a couple of knuckles.

Dont forget you get a 10% club discount as well the free set of sidelight bulbs.
  Clio 200 FF

ok cheers, just ordered a pair of front and side indicator bulbs from silvervision - £22.50 inclusive :D
  Clio 200 FF

hey has everyone ordered some of these bulbs? i got a reply today saying the front ones are out of stock due to sudden demand and wont be available for 3 weeks :mad: cmon everyone cancel your orders so i can have mine first