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Installing 6x9s / getting abit better sound quality

  1.5 Clio Dynamique
any idea how i would do any of these on a low budget (eg £50 ish)

and any idea on installing 6x9s would i just connect them into the rear speakers? and basically how would i get to the cables etc etc?
  Fabia vrs tdi
i have 6x9s in my old corsa ( vibe sk's ) but running them from my clarion head unit they sound loud and ok but u really need an amp for them, i would just invest in top quality door speaker 17cm and run them from a good head unit

im selling my sub ( vibe 12" with built in amp its got the yellow woofer it cost me 200 used for 6 months )

i could put it in my 182 but i wanna save weight


ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
I used to have 6x9s in my old clio, just connected them instead of rear speakers from the rear speakers.

I fitted them into the parcel shelf and then carpeted over it all, looked decent and sounded a lot better.

  Fabia vrs tdi
6x9s sound crap from head unit its ok but all ur going do is f**k the voice coils and wreck them, if i amped my 6x9s up which are 550wrms they would sound 100x better than they do now but couldnt be bothered with amping them