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Installing white dials

Brought new lockwood white dials for my 1.2 mk1 ph2 clio and wonderd if anyone has done this before ?

Also the needles in my car are white any ideas how to change the colour ?
  Clio 172mk2
needles u can paint , remember the needle will need a clear side so u can see it in the dark.

ive fitted them to a 172 and its pritty easy just takes a while to get dash out etc
Great picture thats what i want is it easy ?

Im going to leave the needles orange and change the dahs colour to blue the pis on other posts look great
So what can i do if i want white dials but have white needles as well can you change the needles ?
  '52 clio 1.2 16V
do the white dials work ok in 1.2's? i'm sure my speedo only goes up to 120 yet those go up to 140.

do they still show the right speed?
I went on the lockwood website and you click what car you have and the year etc.

The dial for my car is there 160 mph etc

Orderd it now just waiting for delivery and tomorrow going to the renault scrappy to get some needles as mine are white.

Hope this helps
Just went to my local renault salvage and got 172 dial and chrome doors handles very happy.

Just wait for my lockwood white dials and im done.

But wondering because my LED's in my clio are orange i now have orange needles and white dial will there be a problem ?