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Insurance Claim Query - Please Help!!

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a limit for how long after an accident you officially have to inform your insurance company?? And if so what is the limit??

Any help much appreciated!
  Lionel Richie

Depends if the police were involved - if they were you cant fib, but if they werent i guess you could strecth it a bit

No police were involved, its just that some idiot drove into the back of me and bent my rear tailgate and bumper a bit! :mad:

He wants to pay for it to get fixed before going through insurance, but how long can you wait before informing the insurance company??

If hes going to pay for it and you are happy with that then i dont see that you need to tell the insurance, insurance companies are swines and theyll probably put your premium up anyway just for the sake of it!

Steve i completely agree! :)

However the guy who crashed into me has continually stalled and come up with reasons why he cant pay yet! So i just want to make sure that a period in which i have to inform them has not elapsed!!??
  320d M Sport

Hmmm, the insurance industry will say that you should report ALL incidents regardless of cost, blame etc!!! If you think this guy is starting to take the piss (hell probably have figured out youve not informed your insurers) then ring your ins co and tell them whats happened BUT get them to use your legal cover to claim directly from HIS POLICY, not yours, that way you get your car fixed and leave your own insurance claim free......winner