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  1. D

    Insurance Problems - Factory Fitted or Modification

    I have a Clio 197 2008. I have a problem with insurance. I had a small bump (not my fault) and I have had to claim on my insurance, damage to wing and Bumper (I have a zero excess policy). My insurer approved car repairer sent a photograph of my car to my insurer which showed the car had alloy...
  2. AndyPembs182

    Insurance when car is SORN-ed and stored

    What insurance options are there for covering your car when it’s SORN-ed and stored? Ideally I’m looking for something which will cover the car but allow me to use my No Claims on another car….
  3. M

    RS200 Factory Cup Insurance

    Hi everyone, I'm soon to be the proud owner of an '11 reg RS200 Factory Cup. Apologies if I've missed a recent thread but I couldn't find any recent discussions re. best insurers! I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations? The car has a K&N air filter installed along with lowering...
  4. MaxB

    172 Insurance young driver

    Hello, At the end of this year I'm looking to upgrade to a 172 from a non-sport. I'll be 19 and have 2 years ncb. Can anyone recommend a good insurance company that is willing to insure someone my age for a decent price on a 172/182? Cheers, Max.
  5. TaylorJRafferty

    Fastest, low insurance Clio?

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new to Clio's as I have never really looked into them before, I would love a RenaultSport but because of my age and the fact that I've had previous insurance cancelled, there is not a chance that I would get insured on one. I was wondering if any of you could give me a...
  6. DomP182

    Rear ended, insurance?

    Got hit on the near side rear bumper this morning scuffing it up and breaking the mounting where it meets the rear quarter as well as gouging bits of the bumper. The guy who hit me was rear ended himself pushing him into me. Should I/can I push for a new rear bumper ? Or take cash if offered...
  7. TRH_Racing

    Seat change - Insurance question

    Im looking at changing my seats to buckets with harness' at some point in the new year The big question is .. how many people have actually said they've changed them / do i totally need to let them know? ( i probably will anyway) but it is just a question :)
  8. chris79

    Turbo insurance

    I'm considering a turbo conversion on my 172... I did a quick quote on a comparison site and was getting £380/year fully comp with the turbo mods declared.. what's other people paying?.. that was with Performance Direct.. For comparison I pay £180/year currently for a standard ph1 172.. (36...
  9. Willo40

    Insurance, not the usual post

    Just a quick post to say, Adrian Flux are one of the few insurance companies I have dealt with who seem fair, I got a quote yesterday over the phone from them, which was about £250 cheaper than I had been quoted by anyone else, I took 10 mins to mull it over but when I phoned back to put it in...
  10. Waitey

    Storage Insurance

    Does anyone do such a thing? Declaring my Mini Sort at the end of the moment and putting it into storage. It won't be on the road.
  11. JoshE

    Carrying over NCB when buying a new car and insurance is included

    The other half is picking up her new car this week and Mercedes/ Smart are offering insurance for a fixed price of £149 with up to 2 named drivers. However it's not clear if her no claims bonus can be transferred onto this policy. It is through Allianz and obviously she doesn't want to have to...
  12. Craig1974

    Let's talk insurance

    We're about to pick up a new family car, and we both want to be fully comp on both cars. Any advice ? Me insure both and have her as named driver, insure one each and have the other as a named driver ?
  13. dann2707

    Best phone insurance

    As i'm sure many of you are aware, my phone was stolen a week ago I've just ordered a brand new G4 so was wondering the best insurance cover I can get for it? Obviously want the cheapest with the most amount of cover! Any to avoid/go with please? Thanks a lot, Daniel
  14. S

    Insurance related question after an accident - advice please

    Hi All, I'm after some advice in relation to an accident. I had a minor bump in a leased car back in January - my fault, a lapse in concentration for a moment and I ran into the back of somebody at ~10mph. The van I hit was a construction company van. It took a while for the claim to go...
  15. H

    Insurance wheel colour change

    I need some help in regards to a change of wheel colour while insuring a car. I know there are a million posts on here with similar questions, but I can't seem to find a recent one, and also one similar to what I am asking. My completely standard 172 wheels are in serious need of a refurb. I...
  16. sprentice

    Insurance For 17 Year Old

    Just wondering if any young drivers here have got any decent quotes on insurance for a 1.2? I'm 17 and drive a 1.2 05 plate clio, cheapest quote I've got is £1550 tpf&t from Quinn Direct. Anyone got anything cheaper recently? Thanks!
  17. ScottL

    Car Insurance

    Hi all I've had my car since December now all taxed and insured since then also. At the end of March beginning of April I took it off the road as it needed work done to it so I got in touch with my insurance company and told them that it was off the road in my garage and they cancelled the...
  18. Typhoon

    How will this affect my insurance?

    Basically, was parked up at work today and my directors mum popped in to drop something off to him. (He is one of my best mates so will play ball in any way he is capable of) She parked her mini next to my 197 and when she got out she stupidly left her car door open. She went to get whatever...
  19. C

    lying to insurance about convictions?

    in order for me to get insured i have to lie about my unspent convictions which will be spent in 1years time, will insurance company check straight away and cancel my policy or would they wait until a accident?

    FlexDrive from Adrian Flux Insurance

    Hi guys and girls, Hope you don’t mind a new thread. Adrian Flux Insurance now offer a new extra benefit which is available to add to a policy called FlexDrive. In short, if you have the ‘Driving other cars’ extension on your policy, which will only give you cover against third party risks...
  21. S

    Insurance for young driver in Ireland

    I'm 18 now, turning 19 when i'll be on the road. I got a quote from Britton Insurance for 2500 euro in a 2002 1.2 Clio Extreme,no modifications or anything for when i'm 18. Did the same details and everything for when I was 19 and got a quote for around 1700 euro. It's literally a month between...
  22. DrR

    NCB question, Not been on UK insurance for 2.5 years.

    I had 5 years NCB when I moved to Germany, and now have 7 years, but it's being used on a German Policy, will I be s**t bust and have to start again at 0 when I move back to the UK or does anyone know if companies accept it over here? Was hoping to use Greenlight when I come back.
  23. Adam D

    Insurance what to do.

    So my insurance is due in 3 days and i'm stuck on what to do. I think i'm going to end up going with the dearer price in the end after all this but i thought i would ask and maybe the insurance people could stick their nose in. My renewal is coming back at around £680, this is very similar to...
  24. L

    incorrect vehicle details on insurance quote site

    When i enter my reg on CompareTheMarkets online insurance quote form, it comes back telling me my car is Y***NLB : 2001 Renault Megane Coupe Sport Alize, 1998CC Petrol, 2DR, Manual Anyone know why this is? The .gov MOT database site says its a 172. as does the .gov road tax site, so im not...
  25. A

    Insurance with a rollcage

    Who does everyone use? I had a quote from Greenlight a while back which wasnt bad, but who else covers them? Thanks
  26. jord1995

    For sport 172 Cheap insurance????

    I'm looking to buy my first Clio sport and am looking for the cheapest places people have come across I am 20 years old had my licence over a year and have 1 year ncb and and a motorcycle licence for almost 3 years with 1 years ncb.
  27. Pep

    Insurance excesses when you have an accident?

    I'm trying to get my bike insurance sorted and have a quick question. I'll be insuring it TPFT, and car get it £50 cheaper for having a £1k excess over a £500 excess. doesn't really seem worth it. However I thought that your excess only applies to fixing your own vehicle in the event of an...
  28. C


    Do I need to tell insurance if I fit a 172 interior to my standard 1.2 Clio?
  29. brisbane956

    Modified Car Insurance

    Where is best for modified car insurance?
  30. H

    Bmw insurance, anyone competitive?

    Are there any insurers on here that can give really competitive quotes. Next car is going to be a bmw. 8 years NCB and a clean license. Not doing to bad with the comparison sites but would like to try get them down a bit more. Thanks