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insuring a few cars

Can you insure a few cars all on one policy? Gfs dad has got 3 cars and then theirs my car aswell, can these be put on a company policy (since he has a company) so that we can all drive each others cars.

is so any1 know any companys?

you can get traders insurance, but i think the cars have to be lower than £5k in value for each one.


Talk to someone like Everitt Bowles or Competition Car Insurance - they can do motor traders policies which can cover any number of cars. Not always that cheap though - I pay 10k a year to cover all our cars but that includes a huge chunk of public liability insurance and goods in transit which you wouldnt need.

Most of the policies do not cap the upper value of the cars that you can drive. Our policy, for example, allows me or any other director to drive any car of any value and be fully comprehensively insured.

You may find that the limiting factor is that they frequently want all the cars stored in a single location that is secure (and they dont mean a padlock they mean monitored alarms and CCTV).