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Interior door handels

Ive seen a clio 172 in the gallery with silver door handels. Where are these from? Ive heard that you can get silver metal ones from the Renault megane??

Thats right mate they cost £23.66 for the pair and are the same as in the meganes - I got them for me 1999 RSi - nicer than the standard jobbies!

I had a Megane as a hire car the other day and actually took one out to see if it would fit. It fitted fine but the plastic surround was black so didnt match the rest of the blueish plastic in the car. If I had time I could have swapped the actual handles around but was a bit rushed.

Warren Chaplin (smileysport) here - its my car you saw in the gallery. Its a very quick easy job, but as towser mentioned, the plastic surround is black instead of blue, so when you get the part, unclip the spring at the back, remove the silver part and clip it into your existing blue surround.

Sorry to bother you, but have you got the part numbers from the invoice? I went to my local Renault dealer today, to be told that they were unsure.

They gave me these part numbers but are not sure if they are silver.

8200 091 601

8200 091 600

They also quoted them as being about 18 quid each. Can someone clear this up?

Thanks. James

I just wanted to refresh this, as im still after those silver door handels. So, please can someone inform me of the part numbers so i can order direct from renault. Many thanks. James.
  Ford Fiesta

how easy are they to fit, they must be connected to something behind them when you remove the screw,? a 5 min job or not?

When you undo the screw and pull them away from the door you will see a steel cable with a small metal pin that fits into a slot in the handle. You just pop it out. Simple as that.