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Interior Light Fader...

  Iceberg 172 Cup
When you press your keyfob to open your car (182) your interior light fades on... and when you lock it, it fades off. How can i work it so that it either just comes straight on and straight off?

Reason being, I've got LED bulbs in there now, and does not light when the fob is pressed as we all know, LED's are either on or off and cannot fade so it doesn't light.

I need to get rid of the thing that makes it fade TBH.

Any help appreciated. Thanking :S you.
  Iceberg 172 Cup
Mine turns on and off.

Have you spun the LED's?

yeh mate, i know they are polarity sensitive, it does light if you turn it on by pressing the lense in.

please bare in mind this is a CUP and has just 1 single light that you press on and off.
  R35 GTR
You might be able to just put a relay in place of the leds, wire in 12V to one end of the relay and the other to the leds.

All depends on the switch on voltage of the relay.