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Interweb on your phone

  Peddled device
I've got an N95 (16 bit) on Orange.I have just got the 'Canary' package but if l go online whilst at work l've a couple of issues.

Firstly,l use the '£1 till midnight (the same day) unlimited browsing' option. Do you think this is good value?

Secondly,although BBC News,CNN,Cliosport etc only take a few moments to load the page l find that Ebay and are quite slow with the chess site sometimes not displaying the board.Is there anyway l can speed these up?

  Blown up 182 & Mondeo TDI
£1 a day is very dear compared wih most packages available, also check download limits as some are low considering how much more data is used with ever more complex websites.

As above the Opera browser is lightning and supports other technologies well