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Hello Everybody,

Thought I should introduce myself formally before you see my name cropping up on the forums.

Also wanted to appologise to Nick Read for bugging him about my registration, something must have gone wrong first time as I didnt get a password and assumed there was some huge delay. Well it worked straight away this time. Cheers.

Ive been watching the forums for some time now and have been picking up hints and facts for a while. I have very little experience of Renaults, but I do have a lot of experience of serious engine tuning within Vauxhalls, and Im sure I can use the same principals here.

My name is Mark, Im from Hertfordshire and Im an alcoholic. Joking about the alcoholic bit!

Anyway, I drive one of the ever increasingly popular 1.2 16v Dynamiques out on the road and did buy it for Value for money and economy, althouth the tuning bug is starting to bite once again!