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involved in a road rage incident

OK guys need some advice on a road rage incident I was involved in this morning. After leaving my house travelling along a main single carriageway this guy pulls out in front of me. He makes no attempt to speed up to the flow of traffic so I overtook him. He then flashed me to acknowledge his disgust. About 200 yards up the road he is behind me I make a gesture (not rude) that suggests the guy has no brain. Well thats it - he then turns into a complete psychopath winds his window down fing and cussing waving his arms and swerving behind me. Coming up to this road about I go into the turn right hand lane to turn right. This guy comes along side me still shouting and swearing. At this point Im thinking that Ive got a right nutter on my hands here - I thought he was going to get out of his car and either attack my car or make an attempt to get hold of me. Im now pulling off onto the island to get away from this guy but get slowed by a truck that has just pulled out. This guy in the left hand lane (still waving his arms and shouting at me) then cuts across the front of my car pushing me towards the centre of the island and scraping my front wing and bumper all down the side of his car he then pulls off as if nothing happened. Im now right behind him following him wondering whether to flash him to pull over and have the guy start on me or my car or to just pull over. Anyways I take the guys plate down and decide it might be safer for both me (maybe him not that hes hit my car) and my car to just pull over and check the damage. So I pull into the next lay-by. After checking the damage and feeling extremely pissed I get back in the car and floor it. About half a mile down the road I pass this guy!!! So I (safely) pull in in front of him just before the next set of lights. Now Im ready - this guy has damaged my car and Im not best pleased. He pulls up into a lane just across from me. I wind my window down and gesture to front of my car - at first this guy wouldnt open his window. After more shouting he opens his window and all he can say is "Your a fing knob" - over and over again. The lights go green and I now have to pull off as Im in a different lane of traffic.

Sorry about the essay guys but Im really, really charged up at the mo. Not sure whether to report this guy to the Police cause I have his plate or to just leave it and think of it as a lesson learned in road rage. I think he lives not too far from me as he was pulling out of a housing estate just around the corner from where I live - so if this guy is a psycho and I report him it might have a knock on effect. Also what do I gain if I report him with no witnesss I doubt Ill get anything from his insurance. The damage isnt too bad and will probably polish out with a bit of effort.

What a sh1tter of a morning.
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Report him. Gestures are one thing (come on, weve all done it), giving your car a nudge is entirely another. He committed an offence by failing to stop after an accident (even if it wasnt an accident). You have not committed any offence.

REPORT HIM ! I am sorry but if someone did that to my car then I would drive straight to the cop shop, show them the damage and give them all the details, at least they know you are not trying to pull a fast one then, there must be some residue on his car so the earlier you report the easier it should be to get sorted ! Sounds like a right tw@t that guys does ! Some people have issues !

Sorry to hear about that des.........

What Im concerend about is the guy finding out where I live and coming back for more! Not bothered about me its the car being vandalised thats of concern. If this guy can deliberately drive into me on a busy congested roundabout then hes not gonna think twice about keying my car when its parked up on the street.

yeah definately report him, i had someone get out of the car and kick the side of my door in. Took down the reg, and although the cops took their time about it, they charged him with criminal damage, and i got £400. It did take him a few months to pay it though(at £50/month)!

The bloke lived near me, and i was a little worried about it. The cops said when they went round to get him he was very apologetic and offered to pay for the damage......too late though, he was arrested and charged.

You did the right thing by not getting into a scrap with him. Had a few of those and was lucky to get away with it!

Report him.

Failing that post me a cheque for £250. Piano wire tied round his nadgers and the other end tied to a car. Nuff said...


Done the dirty deed. I need to take my documents to the local plod and theyll chase it up.

Thanks for the positive reaction guys. If it werent for you lot I probably would have ummmd and arrrd about it for ages and then let it drop.

Still fecking p1ssed off. mailto:Tw@t">Tw@t

Quote: Originally posted by ChavyBoy on 15 November 2002

Data Protection Act mate - The fuzz arent allowed to give your name out.
Id think long and hard before you go guns balzing as he will know who it is as the police will have to give your cars details...not necessarily your name, etc but they will have to state that your car had been in an incident with his, so he will know who to sort out.

It is an offence to not stop after an accident, so he will be in the wrong...but as you state pal, you think that he lives very close to you and seeing as he isnt worried about stopping and damaging your car...who knows what hell do.

You also have the extra hassle of insurance and proving that its his fault...which should be in your favour, but from your description might be a 50-50 thing.

If the damage aint much then Id personally be tempted to leave it, as it may prove to be more hassle than its worth! Fair enough you havent done anything wrong, and its his clearly his fault, but he seems to be a bit of a loose cannon that you should stay well away from!

Report him, if he does anything else it will help you immensly. Find out the cost of damage, if its more than you can afford then report him.

what a t**ser......
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I cant believe you lot, backing down from a tw@t who has just damaged your pride and joy!!!!!

He really would be showing how stupid he is if he did anything else, which is very unlikely. Especially when he knows the police are involved.

Report it now!


Like I said the deed is done. Hes now reported - I just have to prove to the police Im legal and theyll chase him up.

Matt - know what you mean! The cars running good now though. Did 300 miles yesterday driving for 7 hours and not a bother. Then this mailto:tw@t">tw@t this morning on the 30 minute journey to work.

VTS_DUDE - This is exactly what was going through my mind. But if I leave it Ill always regret not doing anything about it.

Sangy - you available for hire???!!! LOL
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Thats bad news mate. I know exactly how u feel.

I overtook this guy in an Audi last week as he was driving slowly in the wrong lane on the sliproad. He wasnt best happy. Anyway I floored it and left him for dead untill i reached traffic on the motorway when he caught me up. Everytime i changed lanes he was behind me goin mental, shouting and flashing.

So i pull off at my junction (only 1 junction away) at the last minute to check if he IS follwing me and he did. I started to sh*t it a bit, so I overtook a couple of lorries on the exit before this mini roundabout to get in front. Gets there moves over to the left lane and he tries to go round it in the right lane (only a small roundabout), so i manage to gain a bit and then he tries to drive along side me when there is a feck off lorry coming. So i slow and he getts back behind and keeps goin mental.

He ended up pulling in a layby and getting out his car and i carried on when he realised the road was a bit long. Too far out of his way probably!

IF hed have hit me id have def reported him. You did the right thing mate!!!!!!!! Dont worry about him doing anything else, Sangy will sort him out for ya!!! ;)


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Desmondo you have made the right decision in reporting the guy, or at least going to the police, especially as you have the reg. no. of his car. The police can get his name and address instantly from their computer and will probably go and check out the damage to his car, which should have paint from your car on it!

A similar thing happened in a Sainsbury car park not far from here, when an onlooker took down the number of a drivers car which had hit a parked car and drove off without stopping. By the time the guy got home, the police were waiting for him and he had 6 penalty points for driving without due care and attention and for leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it, and he was fined too. Because the owner wasnt present, he should really have left a note on the windscreen or gone back into the shop where a member of staff would probably have put out a call for the owner of the damaged car to come forward, then he could have related what had happened.

Hopefully this instance will be looked on similarly.

Good Luck!

I have had things like that happen to me also..... I even had some bloke chase me for about 10 miles down a motorway trying to make me crash... but I soon showed him whos the daddy and lost the tossa with some pritty good but dangerous moves!

Fecking hell - being chased!! Thats is just insane - what are these people thinking?

Fred - Did the CCTV pics not come out then?

Best way to scare someone is as follows...

Get them out their car and knock them out, kick them while they are down to be sure.

Chuck them in the boot of your car( whilst knocked out ) and drive to a remote forest or wood.

dig a 6 foot hole and drop them in it. ( Still knocked out, club them again if they wake up )

Wake them up with some water and when they realise where they are tell them that next time they wont wake up....

Drive off and leave them to find their own way home.


I am a trained pyschopath, please do not try this at home

( unless your best mate has just slept with your wife then by all means go ahead )

You did the right thing mate. He deserves everything he gets. If you wanted to piss him off even more (and sh*t him up propper) you should have told the cops you thought he had a gun and was threatening you with it. Then armed police go around and wake him up in the middle of the morning...mmmm nice.

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Quote: Originally posted by Sangy on 15 November 2002

Best way to scare someone is as follows...

Get them out their car and knock them out, kick them while they are down to be sure.

Chuck them in the boot of your car( whilst knocked out ) and drive to a remote forest or wood.

dig a 6 foot hole and drop them in it. ( Still knocked out, club them again if they wake up )

Wake them up with some water and when they realise where they are tell them that next time they wont wake up....

Drive off and leave them to find their own way home.


I am a trained pyschopath, please do not try this at home

( unless your best mate has just slept with your wife then by all means go ahead )
You could always add a twist to it by filling a petrol can up with a dash of petrol and the rest water, and proceed to douse the victim in the water (which stinks just like petrol) then proceed to flick matches at him or her. They are in no danger of going up in flames but they dont know this, i guarantee they wont act up again. :devilish:

Looks like were from the same school Sangy mate ;)


my borther was invloved in a road rage incident in manchester city centre, anyway this nutter was chasing my brother, and theres a tram line infront, my brother slow down and got through it, further up on road he looked at the mirror and saw the c**t got rammed sideway by the tram!! well you can imagine my brother reaction to that LOL

I had a woman pull across in front of me when on a busy roundabout at rush hour. She did not give way to te right and chanced it, so I honked my horn at her, she was so busy looking at me and making obscene hand gestures that she didnt realise the traffic in front had stopped and rear ended an Audi :). Poetic Justice I say.

Next time you wave, please use all your fingers :).

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Urmmmmm?. Nice one Sangy.

It took me 4 weeks to dig a 2 foot goldfish pond, so I reckon my man would just have a slow painful sharving to death.


Keep taking the tablets.

get me the plate numbers and i will have them run for you?

i was chased by two nutters in a st200 mondeo, who kicked my door in? poor sods were bit pissed cos i skinned them in a new mini.

police did feck all

nuff said, justice is in your hands


Take pictures of where the damage is, dont i repeat DONT wash the affected area of your car as there may be paint from his car (more than likely) there that the police can match.


I hate these incidents Desmondo,

Road rage is so sad as no one gets anywhere in traffic or to be honest anywhewe There is a saying " PRIDE COMETH" BEFORE A FALL". Tests have been done over 3+ miles and about a 30 second advantage is all that can be shown,no matter how fast U drive . (Can explain if nec.) It is "Im in front no matter what lane, or I will stay infront, how dare anyone do otherwise. Or perhaps, have a bigger/faster car"

Best way to avoid conflict is to keep 1-2 car lenghts behind anyone infront at any given opp. esp. when in queues and semi stationary traffic This way U will be able to either pull out the way or DO YOUR WORST

Desmondo, either ways this guy was well in the wrong and U should take him to task. He is a sad and insecure individual, who uses his car to show you he is the boss or show U his pen%s is bigger.