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IPOD freindly head units

  Black Gold Meggy 225

has anyone seen any gud IPOD friendly head units? Ideally what I am looking for is something with a MD function and a sort of IPOD docking station.


Have you thought about gettin an itrip or airplay? i know most people dont like them, but if your head unit has DAB, it sounds like CD quality


Check out alpines range... they also have an ipod adapter. You can control the ipod through the head unit.

  Scooby STi, FiestaST

kenwood also have the ipod adaptor unit like alpine....

i was under the understanding that the Itrip was illegal due to its transmitting properties, i.e small pirate radio in the car... iirc
  A slow one :-(

Just look for a HU with Aux in! Then all u need to do is get a lead to go from ur headphone output into the back of the HU!

Most of the top end models have them. Check the latest Pioneer hu out think it looks well swish. Its got Bluetooth and all sorts! Think im going to get that next! Cant remember where i saw it and unable to locate it on CarAudioDirect! Think RRP was jsut short of 400 quid though!
  Clio 182 LY + Cup packs

I got the Alpine 9833R with the Ipod adapter, I gota say although it is quite gud, the fact it takes ages to scroll through music lists fails it very badly, almost to the point where i would say DONT BUY ONE.

Ive got to say that this makes it dangerous to use whilst driving IMO.
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

^^^ agreed, for short journeys i pre pick the tune on the ipod before other wise i could be scrolling for 10 mins.

im gonna chage the HU when apline sovle it..if they solve it