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Is the RS Clio Turbo good as a daily?

  Fiesta ST
Hi folks!

I had a Clio 172 back in the day and loved it, but since I have got older and now have a dog and wife, I need something just a little more practical/comfortable. I love the idea of the auto RS Clio (I have a bad knee so manuals are trouble) but the suspension on my old 172 was very hard. My current Mini cooper S is also really hard. Is the RS Clio Turbo a bit of a softer ride than the old Clio 172? My mini is so harsh it has killed my back and I need something a tad softer!


Ol’ Tarby!

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  Clio 220 Trophy
My Mrs uses our 220 trophy as a daily and doesn't complain. The suspension is hard though!
A regular 200 turbo isn't as harsh I believe, so just avoid trying a trophy


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I done 15k in my 220Trophy, it was an epic daily, I found the suspension while firm not uncomfortable, no one ever commented on the ride when they were in it, which I used to get on my 200 Cup all the time as it was bone shaking! I would say the ride is slightly firmer in the 220 trophy than the 172 BUT it feels more refined over rough surfaces and pot holes etc as the car is better screwed together along with hydraulic bump stops etc

The torque and auto box also make them perfect for a daily driver over the old NA motors


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  VW T5.1
I had a 200T for just over 2 years. Never had an issue with it feeling too stiff and I did a fair bit of mileage in it.
  clio rs mk4
i have my 200t as a daily well when im not driving my 44ton volvo fh that is. i love it as does all i need and can be driven in a fun way. ive started to upgrade mine and make it more mine. upgraded front brakes too as i kinda found the limit on stock lol. but i love it as my daily driver. done 12500 miles roughly in her aswell. i change the oil every 6k miles but i do that in all my cars


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  Clio 200 RS EDC
It's the perfect daily!

Cup suspension is better than the trophy, but now I've lived with the trophy set up its still a decent ride.

The beauty of the mk4 rs is that it has an off button so to speak.

Every other clio rs I've had just tempts you constantly, stick this in auto and leave it in standard mode and it just does the daily duties so well.
  Renault Clio
I’ve had a Clio Trophy 220 for four years. Out of the things I like/dislike about it; the ride isn’t one of them. I find it quite comfortable and it’s surprisingly ‘soft’ considering how much grip you have got. Running costs are decent too considering the power on tap. Easy to drive too - ‘normal mode’ in full auto for most driving - sport in semi auto if you want more control.


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  A Yellow One
@Sash teaches people to drive in hers soi think that answers the question perfectly!
I’ve had mine for nearly 3 years and just shy of 100k (would have been more like 150k if it wasn’t for Covid 🙁) and I can’t think of any car I’d replace it with.

As Ratatouille says I use mine to teach in so loads of start stop, slow manoeuvres, harsh braking, potholes, speed bumps etc

I average roughly 32-36mpg so it’s not actually that bad on fuel given what it’s capable of 😈.