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Is this any good ?

  Megane 225 Cup
I can comment on the Forge one as i have one (I may be biased due to working at forge tho lol)

Its really awsome , well built and fits under my lowered cup easily
  172 cup and Saab 9-3
spend good money on a jack dude it's holding up your pride and joy, last thing you want is that landing on you or the ground.
  Stripped yozza'd cup
You don't need a special jack, as long as it lifts the car up. As duck says, use it to jack the car up and get the axel stands under it.
  172 cup and Saab 9-3
yeah would you stick your arm under a car on a cheap jack to put in the axle stand what about when your trying to get the wheels on/off as stated cheap jacks are a danger to EVERYONE ask the health and safety man!!!!
My £10 trolley jack copes perfectly well with my 197 and BMW, lets face it, its only the jack for seconds, then onto axle stands. Yes an expensive jack is nice, and is serviceable etc, but its not essential.
^^ There is a huge difference between quickly putting your arm under with an axle stand and laying under the car working.
I agree JackJack, but then no JACK is suitable for working under the car with the jack as the only support.
  Stripped yozza'd cup
Agreed, I wouldn't get under the car with any jack.

Bigbruno, I don't get the point you're making? You can use axel stands to change a wheel too?


ClioSport Club Member
Where's nick when you need him, he was under his car at trax on just the renault jack lol.

Imo its worth splashing out for a decent jack. Its with you for life pretty much then, aslong as you look after it. I've had cheap jacks, and i thought they were adequate until i bought the arcan one. Now they look flimsy and s**t.
I agree with the duck loosen the wheels nuts first, jack up, Axel stands, jack out. I would never ever even think about gettin under a car with just a jack even if it's the best there's always the possibility of it failing e.g hydraulic fail.

Personally I would spend more on decent axel stands its on them a lot longer.
  E46 M3
I've got the liftmaster one in the first link, its fine. The only problem is although the lifting pad is very low its not long enough to reach to the box section under the car. Its ok with sportlines because the whole jack can fit under the car but any lower and its not going to work.
I agree JackJack, but then no JACK is suitable for working under the car with the jack as the only support.

This. You can have the most expensive jack on the market but you would stupid to lie under it.

Btw my comment wasn't aimed at you, just posted quicker than me.