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Is this the clutch going?! tech advice needed please!!

Hey guys,

I been having a squeak on my car when pulling away so thought it was the clutch on the way, then today (i've driven about 150 miles) on my way back just coming off the motorway easing off the accelerator i could sense something was a bit strange, as i was easing off nothing was really happening, i blipped the throttle and i realised that what was wrong was that the engine revs were staying about 2000rpm ish and accelerator pressing didn't do anything, didnt rev the engine or increase speed!!

Engine management light (the glow plug computery one underneath the fuel icon) came on at same time.
So flicked hazards on got onto shoulder, turned engine off, re-started everything ok, light out, engine normal, few miles later happened again!! was thinking aaaah

so same again, restarted everything fine and i then drove about 20 odd miles on relatively low speed roads with no problems. Driving today has been mostly 40-50mph ish on country ish roads, not caning it at all cos mums been in car! LOL

So what's this all about then?! My understanding was that if the clutch was going then it would start slipping i.e. at motorway speeds it might slip and i could press throttle and the engine would rev up higher but would not transmit to gearbox i.e. engine revs but no more speed occurs?!

Is this correct? if so what could cause the car to not respond to throttle push on the pedal?!!?

sorry for the long post hoping someone can help me! In a way i'd prefer it not to be clutch cos clutch i have to pay for (cars four months out of warranty) whereas if its engine managementy stuff i can stomp my foot and ask nicely (prob in reverse order) and see if renault will pay!!

Answers on a postcard....any correct answers that save me money and hassle will be rewarded with beer tokens!! (possibly even real ones :) )



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I think its ECU related. It happened to me before. Once switch it off it goes for a good 2 months or so before it happens again.
Thanks almaghrbi, one of my mates who works for van aarken told me that a lot of new cars have a limp home mode that when a sensor detects something wrong they limit speed and revs just to get you home! maybe this was it! either way a trip to renault for me!!