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Is your Car a HE or SHE

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

Just wondering.
Ive always considered my car to be a She but talking to Dazman he insisted that his was a He.

no, like ships, there HAVE to be female

difficult when they want to be..

Like to be dressed up and sparkly..

refuse to do what you ask sometimes..

and also get jealous if you look at other cars....

  clio 20v

girls normally think its a he, an lads a she ,my girlfriends vw golf is called rolf, mines a she dont have a name though, i can tell cos it takes all my money

mine has more sex changes than an undecisive tranny!! one time its a mean cool guy and other times its a right whingin b**ch!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mines a she. Costs me a fortune, uses up all my spare time and keeps me awake at night wondering what to do for her next....

I tried to convince myself that the Clio would be the first car I referred to as being male, but no characterwise she is definately female. I dont think Cliopatra is grumpy with me about the confusion but who knows for sure!

That was a nice romantic gesture from Thomas but im afraid Angellica doenst like being burnt alive.

Maybe thomas could treat her to a good oiling and showing her some new rubber

  VW Potato

not sure about mine. Bit too pretty to be a boy, but a bit too gruff and headstrong to be a girl. It sort of shimmers with ambiguity. Which I like