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it works!! *pictures*

ah ha! i went to the other pages!

nicely done! piperx eh, the exact same one i had on my valver! makes one hell of a noise! i loved it! and the suckin noise, whoooooosh!!

.......ok thats enuff now, im gettin carried away!

hahahaha.... Hey it would have been kept fresher... I mean colder if the lid was left on and a ram air cold feed pipe coming up into a hole underneath or something

Nice looking valver, clean16v !

*cough* I see you didnt take the cake out first, that IS a black sponge cake ?. *Ahem*

Ok, I can get my own coat thank you.

nope, good old pearlescent black, will try and get some shots of it bling blilingin and show you the meaning of my user name!! mate wants to photograph the car rolling in a well lit tunnel near my house!! bright lights on the pearl black....:D

steve-i did think about what you said but there is f-all room in the engine bay!! plus, cake tins only come in certain sizes; too small, about right(what ive used) and too f**kin big!!

from my dads pizza shop, just been for a raping doen the by-pass and oil temp was well over 100deg, popped bonnet and put my hand on the filter, as cool as you like mate!

feel the bottom of it, the top of my piper X is always cool then feel underneath and its warm,

IMHO metal is not the ideal material to make a air box from, a thick white plastic would be far more effcient

but i have seen how tight it is under a 16v bonnet with a piper X so i know its not easy

looks ok will get sum pics of mine the problem you have got is the cold air coming through the rad and being heated up then getting into the filter it really needs more shielding
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Im thinkin of makin one with a piece of soil pipe hehe. I got a K and N though so a bit more space

lofty-mine is made of plastic!

bondy-the reason i made it was cos of radiator

2moro i am attatching two ram pipes, one at the bottom of tin and one at side, this shoud make a big difference to intake temp cos the heat shield sits very close to filter cone, will try and post some pics after
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Well if the link youre pointing to actually lets you link to it from other sites (Cliosport for example) then just clicking the little tree icon will let you link an image