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ITG Maxogen Induction Kit

Someone must know something about this kit?

ITG said they have a guy whos driving about with this kit on, testing different setups etc. Im not sure but i think its jellyhead? Anyone know this to be true or not?

Does anyone know someone with an ITG Maxogen kit fitted to any car, 206, Elise, MGF, VTR, Civic? I Want to know how loud and what sort of sound you would get from there air box?

Hi tomclio1.2, i have done, and they were very helpfull. But i just want an owners opinion. Theres nothing better really. ITG say the kit mite be out in 2 months time, and said the person testing the development kit on the Cup loved it. Just want to hear from someone whos parted with there money for a Maxogen Kit?

No, not see that Bazza, must be a b**ch to install? there is very little space for any ducting. Did you use the existing air intake?

Any pics?

No ducting just sits up against the front valance. Takes me about two minutes to put it on. Using all existing pipe work. Doesnt seem to affect performance? But the noise is fantastic

I will try and geta a pic tonight

My renault dealer? I did not tell them. Its so easy to take off if the car has to go back in for anything. I just put the original back on :)

By the way its 2 x louder than my 3 inch rolled out exhaust


ClioSport Club Member

hmm i might get one all i need is a bit of samco

and its transferable if you get a universal one

great investment

I bought some hose for about £20. There is no real need though it fits using all original pipes. So no need for a breather filter

Not of mine but if you go to the picture gallery for 172s the guys name is Arjun Kandasamy , it looks idential but its all carbon fibre. its about 5 down

Cheers Bazza, looks like I should start saving!

It sounds like the ITG Kit could be touching £300 :eek: that makes the BMC FANTASIC value for money!


  Audi TT Stronic

Sorry for being thicker than a blonde woman (oops.. only jk) but I have never heard of the ITG kit.

Anyone got any pics and what is so good about it ?

might pop down to ITG this week and see what they are up to! They are only down the road. I only know of 1 other cup in Coventry, so that may be the test one. Ill see what i can find out....