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Im off work today! at me mums with friends and the gf!! why!?

ITS MY 21st!!!!!! yay me!

feel free to wish me well!!! ;)


thanks everyone! got a few mad pressies! one of my favs is my ultimate ferrari drivin experience!!!!!! 1/2 with training, handbrake turnin, passenger in a ful sic rally car! and get to drive two ferraris round a track a 355 & a 348! to name just some of the day! one of the funny parts i though was the decscription of one part i get to do! "have the thrill of drivin a high performance light weight sports car, with a tingle acceleration of 0-60 in 5.5secs!" i though hmmm the cup isnt really far off!!!! ill just look forward to the ferraris and the rally car!!! :D

Hope its an elise!

Feel like being my chaffeur to the PGAC French Car Show, which is on Sunday May 25th BTW?! See meetings board..