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I've finally taken the plunge!




I've been dipping my toes in and out of this forum for a while whilst I was deciding whether to trade in my mini cooper for a Clio.

Today I've finally done it!! :D

I've gone for a full fat, black 182 - Import (although I've been given an extra year's warranty until 2008 paid for by the dealer so i'm no more worse off)

I haven't even had a test drive. I saw the car on Saturday, fell in love and decided to buy today. It's had a cherished number plate on, so I may have to wait until the weekend before I can take delivery, depends on how long DVLA take..

Hope I have made the right choice, but it really was love at first sight.

They don't have to pay ofor the last year warently just sedn Renault Uk a note saying its a UK car now.

Have fun though with the car.


Ah well - at least I have the warranty regardless of who is paying. That was important to me and I don't have the hassle fo doing it. I'm still well chuffed as it was cheaper than upgrading to a cooper s and surprisingly my insurance has actually come down - must be my age!!


Thanks for the messages of support! My credability at work has probably gone up as the younger lads are fans of the 182! (one drives a scoobie) I'm hoping that the jump from a 1.6 mini cooper to a 2.0 litre engine won't be too much of a surprise.

Any tips for a brand new clio driver...? As I said, i've not even had a test drive so I am abit nervous.:D

Any 182 drivers live nearby...? I'm in Tividale in the good old black country. (West Mids for those who don't know the area)
awesome mate, take it easy though, mine torque steers when i floor it sometimes! lol.. you will love it


justinRT said:
awesome mate, take it easy though, mine torque steers when i floor it sometimes! lol.. you will love it

C'mon guys - I'm a complete clio virgin here:eek:

What the hell is 'torque steers' I imagine torque has something to do with bhp but that is a random guess...? Please put in dumb blonde terms, i'm no jedi master on techno speak!! (apologies to any blondes here!!)
just mean like in first and second gear when you floor it, the car tends to steer to the side, quite harshly at times, makes it more exciting!


Cheers - I'll take extra care and bear this in mind. However, my mini takes some firm grip on the steering as it will veer off to any cambers in the road. It can be a tough old ride at times. One of the things i'm looking forward to is the comfort factor. Mini is a fun ride, but as for comfort forget it. It really sucks, especially on long journeys.

The clio seats were lovely - kinda grips you (in the right places!) and very plush. I imagine the back seats are comfy too:sleepy:


Deb182 said:
Welcome, I'm sure you will love it! :D

Thanks! Also thanks to everyone for the help with my queries on Saturday - it made the choice much easier knowing I had some informed knowledge as opposed to none. It was very much appreciated.


Fletch123 said:
Good choice, hope you enjoy driving her.

lol, hadn't thought of my car as being a laydee:D :D

Do you guys have names for your pride and joys as well or is that crossing the line??:rasp:
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Welcome :)

Despite the power, they're very easy cars to drive normally. All the power's up in the top of the revs so just change gear later and later as you grow in confidence.
A must....! When you get the car....

As soon as picking the car up, take it to a quiet road.. turn traction control (ESP) off, put it in first gear, and floor it, keep changing when you see the change gear light and dont stop till you hit 5th..

Im sure you shall see 115mph ishy in 4th at the redline.....with a great smile on your face..

Now, i just shout faster, faster, faster..
  172 ff
great advice aliasomega, nice way to write off a new car your not used to and possibly kill someone, 115 on a quiet road pathetic


Brasseye said:
you should have had a test drive ..!!

Nah, why spoil the fun? I never bothered with the cooper either and for the lack of comfort, it's still fun, funky and can shift! I will miss it, but looking forward to discovering the joys of 'the beast':D

I did learn to drive in a clio and have previously test driven a 172 - i didn't buy back then as I as I wasn't confident enough to take on a car with such power - I was only driving a citroen C3 at the time (shame) so the cooper was the next step up. I think I've done it sensibly and I have no intentions of taking it up a side road to test the gears and speed - pure madness. Cars don't kill - careless drivers do. (take note aliasomega!) I have every respect for performance cars and in the right environment, controlled speed must be a cracking experience...