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Jacking on a bumpy drive

  Inferno 182FF
Did not know where to out this as its a little bit of an odd question really

My drive is made of like a cast concrete which has ridges and a textured surface

When jacking my car the jack does not slide well leading to the car moving to the jack instead of the jack sliding under the car! So putting one side on an axle stand and then jacking the other side I think would cause it to slip off the stand

So my question to you is could I used a wooden board ( to put the car on wider than the Clio and would cover about half of the car? So I can put axle stands on it aswell) under the car? If so how thick and what kind of BOARD? As chipboard would be too rough

  Clio 172mk2
you`d only need a thin piece under the jack to allow the wheels to move. plastic sheet or metal would be ok as its not really taking weight


ClioSport Club Member
  Arctic Blue 182 FF
I have 4 pieces i cut 15" squares of an old kitchen worktop used them for years,handy for jacking and using 2 or 4 axle stands
  1.2 clio dynamique
Yeah i jacked mine up on a bumpy drive when swapping the springs- bent my front jacking points flush with the underside of the car! not one of my smartest moves.