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Jake's RB clio 197 track car

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Been a while since I last drove something that was fun. My third Renault sport now first one being a 182 and second being a megane, love the cars for the price you pay I think they're great!

Anyway picked up this 197 in racing blue yesterday from a nice chap called Sam, he said the car was built mostly by Richard Burk and Beanie Sport.

The spec is as follows;

80k 197 engine with new gasket and belts
Gearbox rebuilt with ZPO shifter
KW clubsport 2 dampers
Sparco grid Q seats with puretrack side mounts, fire extinguisher and schroth 6 point harness
SW rear cage
New clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder and ktec clutch damper delete kit
New rear calipers, mintex pads handbrake cables and discs
New front discs with RS29 pads
OMP WRC 350mm steering wheel
Aircon delete kit
New swivel joints, uprated bushes throughout
200 wheels with Michelin PS4 (road/wets)
Speedline wheels with AR1 (dry)
Recent oil, oiler filter gearbox oil and brakr fluid change

A very well spec'd car for a price I couldn't say no! Was over the moon driving it home and it feels good to be back in a Renault sport again.

All I've done so far is adjusted the seating position, ideally would like it further back another inch or two but it's better than what it was. Removed rear wiper, aerial and badges. Added a sunstrip and would like to remove the F1 stickers but that can wait as I think they're going to be a nightmare.

My plan for the car this year is to just fit a cup racer spoiler, can anyone suggest where to source one of these from? I'll mostly be doing track days this year. Over the winter I plan to get it fully stripped, painted and caged possibly add a bigger seat aswell.

Here's some photos of the car after a quick little Sunday morning drive
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Stripped the front end of the car including sound deadening.




I was tad big for the sparco's so I sold them and bought a corbeau pro series in XL, only the 1 for now. Also used a plumbers tap blank for the hole where the aerial used to be. SW motorsport side mounts as I found the pure track ones weren't wide enough for the new seat and I liked I had more adjustment with the SW. Along with their foot tray, I added some grip tape.





Ordered some tailgate/bonnet pins from delou motorsport (nice customer service) got those fitted along with some black renault badges.



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KTR cup style spoiler got delivered and test fitted it. Dropped it off to the father in law and he got it sprayed.



Took out for a drive last weekend to make sure the pins were safe all was well but started noticing some overheating issue when stationary for a while. Pulled over and noticed the fan wasn't working, had Jade Developments booked in for a geo and corner weight and asked Sean if he'd take a look at the issue. I don't think it's anything major but cancelled the track evening I had booked at Donington for 20th April to be on the safe side, still plan to do bedford for 9th May though.


Looking forward to getting the car back from Jade Developments, heard good things about them. I've just got to fit the spoiler then all set for a summer of track days!


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Picked the car up from Jade Developments on 27th May, Sean really knows his stuff and sorted the car out as it was abit of a mess.

Geo setup
Corner weight
Removal of unnecessary wiring
New radiator fan (current one was wired up incorrectly and was dead)
General tidy up in the engine bay/interior

I did some bits over the weekend. Fitted the spoiler and a rear sunstrip and give it a quick wipe down.


Done a track evening at Bedford after work Monday and the car was faultless other than the rear bumper kept popping off and flapping around and the brakes overheating on the last session.





Fitted some quick push pins to rear bumper after work on Tuesday, not the best but a lot better than having the bumper flapping around. Got some RBF600 brake fluid on order so will get that in before the next track day.


And also got some plates for trackdays.


Not much else planned other than maintenance and more track time.

Over the winter I've a few bits planned for the clio but also expecting another little one so will see what funds are like.
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I was going to buy a PMS exhaust and manifold over the winter but luckily one come up for sale but with a Cobra cat back, should be delivered sometime this week.



KTR induction kit also come up for sale on Facebook, after everyone saying how good they sound I thought I'll buy it. Noise is awesome and so glad I brought it, got it fitted pretty much as soon as it arrived.


After my last track evening at Bedford the EML came on, I didn't think much of it as the car drove perfectly fine. Plugged it in and came up with P0300 fault code, after a little research it could of been a number of things but I decided to start with the exhaust sensor and also put some cleaner into the fuel tank. Removed the fault code and took it on a spirited drive.



Still no EML so happy days..

Door handles were looking a little bad so gave them abit of TLC.

Started off with sanding them down with 120 and 1200 grit sandpaper. 2 coats of primer, 3 coats of paint and 2 coats of lacquer (probably could of done with another coat of lacquer but ran out after 2)




Next up, Cadwell Park;

What can I say other than it was a perfect day!

Nearly 400 miles racked up on the clio and it was faultless and no EML. I was so impressed with the car and there's so many upgrades still to come! I had to leave at lunch as I had work early the next day and it's nearly a 3hr drive from me. I booked again as soon as I got home for August 4th and luckily will be staying all day!

I'm not really one for timing my track days, I just like to find others to have a fun battle with and see what/who I can keep up with. I managed to get a clip of my second session, exposure with the camera is still an issue, I'm not great with these things but they'll get better.

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I can't wait to get back here in August!






And of course a post track day clean.


I've ordered up some bigger grip pedals, they should be here Tuesday so this morning I removed the metal ones and also the grip on the foot tray and tidied it up abit. Also got rid of some more plastics.



Over the winter I plan to remove the dash and remove as much weight/wiring as possible. Heated windscreen or T7 heater I haven't decided yet. I also want to remove the stalks and having everything on buttons attached to the steering wheel.


Something like this.

Bedford a week tomorrow. All I have to do before that is change the tyres, I don't think AR1's will hold up, a brake fluid change with some ATE200 and fit the pedals.