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join or not...

Do I join the Clio club or not...?????
also if I do, I want a back window that internal or external..????
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

the large sticker is external only, the smaller one you can have either, and join!
  Clio v6

Newboy.. You just have to join.

Let me tell you that my life hasnt been the same since.

I eat better, sleep better, many of my wrinkles have just vanished, my cat seems to love me more, I havent had any headaches since. My car is way faster than ever before, sex life has quadrupled, I find it so much easier to polish the car too for some unknown reason.

So yes take my advice and JOIN TODAY... You wont regret it, really you wont.


If any of the above doesnt convince you then just think of that lurvely sticker in your window. What more could any car enthusiast dream of?

if in doubt then dont join

you will be missing out on some cool stuff and meets but thats your loss and not ours !!!!

nah only joking. its only a £5 and thats nothing


What more could you want than meeting up with like minded people and exchanging stories/tips?

Except sex!!!



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Well in Mats or Daves case you can get all 3 at a meeting!!!
(if youre female of course)