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Just 360` ed my car!

  Renaultsport Clio 182

Got to work early this morning!!

1. Big car park

2. Snow

3 not many cars about!!

So i thought let the fun begin!!!

The snow was frozen so it was really easy to spin on it!

Had lots of fun, made 2 full 360s and couple of 180s

Then i got out got a bit of dirty look for some woman!

  Clio 197

In the USA we used to take our cars out on frozen lakes, get then up to about 110 or so and spin them. I cant tell you how many 360s you get that way but its a lot!

The reason we only got to 110 was that the wheels just spun if we tried to go faster. Apparently the wind resisitance and traction were balanced at that point with summer tyres on.

Serious fun!