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just a quickie on de-cats for valver

  Mint Clio Valver!
are the benefits of a de-cat significant with a valver?

few of my mates are startin to get cars that are younger but not quite as powerful as valver but they're keeping up (kind of) and im not too pleased with it. She is 12 though!

how many bhp's (if any) increase.

thanks muchly

  Clio 172 mk2
Engine should rev more freely and there will be some gains

Not sure exactly how much but probably anything up to 5bhp.....not sure what this equates to in performance though.
  Mint Clio Valver!
sweet, thanks.
is there much of an exhaust noise difference? because i don't want there to be! i want the engine to sound loud, not the exhaust. BUT i can't be arsed to spend the extra on a silenced one. is a non silenced one much louder than a silenced one?
  MK1 Clio 16v
decatting my valver with a K-TEC S/S system makes it VERY loud and spits flames occasionally, but mine is a straight through system. Sounds nice though
  Mint Clio Valver!
decatting my valver with a K-TEC S/S system makes it VERY loud and spits flames occasionally, but mine is a straight through system. Sounds nice though
is that the silenced de-cat or the normal one?
  ph1 172
^^^ that would be a normal straight through pipe.

Mine is a 1991 car so i wont even have to put the cat back on for MOT
i recently put my cat back on for the mot and it made absolutely no noticeable difference so its staying on.

imo breathing mods are not good value for money in terms of bhp/£. my car has cams, headwork plus breathing mods and i dont belive it has any more than 20bhp over standard so what do you really think you are going to get from a de-cat?

im not saying don't do it, just don't expect gains
  Clio 172 mk2
I still think you'll get a gain from removing the cat...even if it's only 2bhp a a few ft/lbs of torque.
If you have a standard exhaust system them the noise won't be massively different, but i would say any increase in throttle response is nice.
im running cams, headwork, manifold and the rest on my car, a de-cat does make a diffrence, the engine rev's more freely, picks up quicker and is more responive, i put the cat back on for mot and there was a noticable diffrence.

bad value for money? isnt a decat like £25?
i don't mean they're bad value for money for what you get, just in terms of bhp gained because you don't get any.

all this about 'quicker pick up' and 'free revving' is subjective. at the end of the day, if you're looking for it you're going to find it. Hence all the idiots saying how great they're ecotek valves are. not saying you're an idiot of course!

not only did i put my cat back on but I also swapped my magnex cat back system for a standard one. ive done a track day since and it performed exactly the same as it did before.

we all like to think we can make our cars go faster for little money but in reality its impossible. you're not going to feel 1-2bhp and it certainly won't make any difference at the traffic light grand prix.
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phattboycoxy said:
are these ones any good:

or should i stick to k-tec? rather not spend the extra cash unless gonna be a significant difference between the k-tec and this one.

haven't seen the k-tec but that's bound to make you're car a bit louder as there's no silencing. in terms of performance, a straight pipe is a straight pipe no matter who you buy it from. obviously a stainless one will last longer