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just bought a new car!

  mk2 172

although nows probably not the best time to mention though;)

good news is im keeping the willy yay

if anyone wats a brand new willy box for £550 let me no(reno are such t***s)

although mine is the 120 bhp version due to new emissions. apparently you can reverse this back to 130 by removing some funny named gizmo evaporator thingy. could be an oppurtunity to put this one to bed. (although iv roasted 2 of my new car in the willy so i know which would win between a 172 and my new one). but iv bought it for the whole package was perfect for me, not just its straight liner prowess.


Busted Craggy!

Its a very late catalyst-fitted 205 1.9 GTi isnt it?!!

Very nice if so - what metallic did you get?

Sublime handling: like a cruder, raw version of the 16v/Willy.

But if it isnt...:p
  320d M Sport

Knew youd go for the VTS, good on ya, cant wait to meet up next for a bit of clio vs saxo action!!!

  mk2 172

not quite ben!,

ive bought a black VT cough cough splutter S.:p

willy is gonna be garaged, which is what i wanted before winter ayway, so im glad about that. when i was in her earlier couldnt belive i nearly got rid, such a joy to drive/listen to/look at/toast other cars in.

just gotta wait for mine to be built now or whatever they do to get hold of them or they may find one somewhere. cos theres none available. hopefully end of december. maybe earlier. paddy, should be good to put it against a 172 but in a straight line itll get roasted, which doesnt bother me, havent bought it to replace the williams for thrills, although im hoping its a great motor to drive, just got a deal that suits my situation to a T. should be good to test this much talked about handling, also my first car with ABS.

mat, i ordered a gearbox and paid a deposit. tried cancelling it and reno say iv got to have it, cant get my 300 notes deposit back??????????? is that bollox or can i demand it?



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Sounds *very* much like a Saxo VTS or 106 GTi to me...

Come on, spill the beans!

I jsut got a new mota too actually! :D
  320d M Sport

Its a good colour choice mate!! Black look nice, understated! I dont think youll be disappointed! Get some pics up when u get it! Good to see your kepping the Williams wrapped up, i want another shot against that next year! :p

  mk2 172

oh, black was the only coulour for me, most of my previous cars have been black, a bugger to wash, but black cars suit me. would like some black or similar shade alloys too. but i cant afford any!


  Shiny red R32


Glad to hear that your Saxo will be the best colour!! Have you seen the pic of my pals one?
  mk2 172

no i havent gr?, could you mail it to me please">