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just changed my cambelt, adjusting timing did I do the right thing?

  172 Rally Car
Ok chaps

I have just changed my cambelt ( not the dephaser) , I tensioned the belt up following the procedure of spinning it all loose to distribute the tension on the belt etc.

Anyway when I removed the horseshoe and turned the engine over and it didn't line up on the exhaust cam.
So I locked the pulleys up and slacked the exhaust pulley and lined it back up, 're torqued the exhaust pulley nut and span the engine over and now it all lines up beautifully!

So is that the correct thing to do? In regard to leaving the belt tension as it was and just making the correction to the exhaust cam? The belt tensioner is still on its marks so I can't see the problem with doing that?

  Cup In bits
As long as you have the right end result (as you sound to have) after pulley torquing and spinning over a good few times then its a job jobbed.
  LY R26 #288
Sounds like the correct way to me?. As said aslong as everything is torqued and tensioned properly and the horse shoe tool fits with the crank pin located in the crank it should be tikadeboo.