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just fitted nos 2day!!!

  Clio 1.8 16v

just fitted it went out for a spin then turned the nos on and well i was not impressed at all it didnt kick me back into my seat at all!!!think i will have to get it rolling road tested>it was a 25bhp nos kit n e 1 else had nos fitted?if so how much bhp did you get?

nicks the one to ask dont think he is very happey either well it may of been a blessing in disguise , whens the turbo due nick!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i had the first NOS kit on a 172 so ill try to answer this !

I had an 80 HP shoot, but before i had this i had a 50 HP shoot.

From the inside its nothing dramatic about the 50 shoot so i guess its the same or less with the 25 hp.

But in comparence with another clio 172 i was about 7-10 cars faster.

With the 80hp shoot you get alot of wheel spin in second gear as well, so here you will feal it more, but you wont get thrown back in your sit like in the movie.

its not a thump in the back of the head like most people think, just teh car goes faster. but with 25bhp, its nothing to dramatic. i run 50 and its more than enough, well, for me......i hardly ever use it.
  BMW 320d Sport

Oh no, I wouldnt say Ive ever been unhappy with my nitrous. But then I started off on a 60 jetting. A 25 shot isnt gonna do much really - if you think about it thats only another 6 hp per cylinder. The serious torque comes when you start running 50-100 shots on a controller.
  Clio 1.8 16v

my mate fitted it and it looked easy enough to fit took him about 1hr or less!!wizard of nos

Im restoring a 92 1.4 rt I bought a few weeks back,Im keen on gettin nos fitted,but has anyone had it in the 1.4?...its got 93.000 miles on the clock,but she is still quick,I got 95 out of fourth but run outta road for fifth,you guys think I should fit nos?...all opinion will be valued,thanks=))