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Just go the call!

Cheers matey -when u comin over to Northern Ireland - come on - mes will puta use upa..................

Might take ya up on that one day m8.. aint never been to NI.. might have to book a research trip through work...:D

enjoy the new toy.. I am sure ya will... and, I wont try to blast ya in 80-110 times... cos I would lose !.. but... when the turbo is finished...... hmmmmm..


I must say that Im really impressed with the in-gear times as 80 - 110 in 5th is reaaaalllly impressive.

Done 1025 miles now and it seems to be loosening up nicely and really looking forward to getting a new exhaust system including de-cat pipe from K-Tec racing, when the de-cat pipe comes along in the next few weeks.

Does anyone reccommed an induction kit to complement the full system????????


heard good things about the pipercross viper, not too sure though (it looks mean enough) I posted a while ago about it but got scared when I rang the insurance company and they wanted to bump my excess up to £650 and charge me an additional £200 for insurance between now and April!

Anytime Capn - an yeah the turbo - me thinks most of us are dust when that arrives - ickle pin pricks on the horizon..........

PS - let me know ur expert findings on just how different the cup is (if anything) mecahnically - I would like to know