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just got my car colour coded

well just got my car back after colour coding and its looking fantastic. they sprayed the spoiler, front and back bumpers and side skirts. very happy.
  Cupra K1 & Clio 200

When u say you colour coded the front and back bumpers, were they "dull grey" plastic before? Or are the new bumpers part of a kit? I ask this because i want to colour code mine but they say that because the bumper is plastic, if they did do it the paint would come off or fade over time. Do you have any pics of the new bumpers? Thanks for any help



  Shiny red R32

Gengar, dont believe the story about paint coming off the bumpers. As long as it has the proper primer applied first, it will stay on as long as any other paint.

yeah sprayed the dull grey bumpers. so long as the bumpers are treated properly before spraying then there is no reason that the paint will come off.

ill try get some pics during the week
  Cupra K1 & Clio 200

did the painter put an after coat of plasticiser on afterwards? The geezer i asked said it gives it a proper coating and adds that extra shine! (probably bullsh!t). How much did u pay for the whole job and how long did it take? Thanks



  Shiny red R32

Plasticiser - What is that? What is it supposed to do? Perhaps it is a way of extracting an extra hundred pounds from you!
  Williams 2, STi N12

I think the plasticiser content of the paint gives it a flexible skin so it is less prone to flaking off.

All it means is that he can fob you off because he hasnt got an oven to bake the bumpers in after he has sprayed them.


i paid 180 in total. but that included repairing a nasty dent/scratch on my wing, caused by a trolley in asda.

considering renault were gonna charge me 300 for repairing the dent alone, i think hes done a fair price.

I got it so cheap because hes a friend of a friend...

I just got my 172 colour coded for £150 it looks brilliant.I got the side strips and the door handles done.
Ill send a few pictures to the gallery soon.



Clio John what colour??? Is it a pearlescent colour for that price?? Any pics would be appreciated as this is top of my to-do list!!