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Just got my car washed......

i kerbed my left wheels getting out the way of an ambulance :mad:

Mines dirty, too cold to clean it lol (and its black which makes it worse) do the wheels every few days tho.

I keep on seeing shiny clios and feel ashamed..

mine was clean...

but been racing through lanes during weekend making my induction kit purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at high revs.. so a bit dirty atm :(

Its funny how my platinum 1600 never seems to get dirty but the cup is always feckin dirty a few miles down the road after washing it - true what they say about dark coloured paintjobs - blacks the worst!


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by paddymph on 16 December 2002

mines half clean......... dont think even GR could keep hers clean near me!


why, what have you been doing to her to make hers dirty ? oh I see you mean her car ? doh !