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Just renewed. Big thanks to Sky!

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Had alot of time on the phone today with various companies. Some flat out refusing to put anything through their system and others being really helpful. I started off with my renewal from Admiral at 800+ which was more than I paid last year. As Admiral have been the cheapest for the last three years for me, I started to think I might well be having to pay an increase.

So I started off with the usual price comparison sites which ranged from £600 -1180. As most people find, there is always a slight hike when you actually go to take the policy out and this is what I had. Putting it at about £650 or there abouts. So I went onto the brokers with a rough ballpark in mind.

First was Chris Knott who flat out refused to quote me anything for some reason. Geuss they just weren't feeling it? Next up was Greenlight, who I was really hopefull about but came in worse than my renewal at £908. Next was Adrian Flux who were surprisingly really nice and gave a good quote at a low £535. Kieth Michaels was around £800 and Brentacre said that there was no way they could match Adrian Flux.

Last stop was Sky Insurance as i've heard nothing but good about these guys, I was crossing my fingers. I spoke to a chap called Sam and went through the various details and quotes I had. He came back with £520 which I thought was fantastic. He was really helpful and even gave me a moment to sort out whether I wanted the policy or not. So big thanks to Sky for being top notch and I hope more people can save 40% on their renewal with this very competitive company.

Just a little bit about me: 23 Years Old, lowest crime area possible, 2 years no claims. Next year will be into the 400s hopefully XD
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You spoke to me Yesterday, your quote was based on being 22 with 1yrs NCB?. Eithway changing it to 23 with 2yrs NCB would only get us to £599 so the £520 you got was a great price.

Best Regards
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