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K-Tec Mild Steel or Longlife

  Meg 230 R26 F1
Thinking of getting one of the k-tec mild steel exhausts for my ph1 172, or getting one made up at a local longlife exhaust place...

so was wondering how long the k-tec mild steel exhaust is likely to last before it needs replacing? anybody have any ideas? opinions on quality?

And has anyone got or used a custom longlife exhaust? what are your opinions?

K-tec is tried and tested and i'd imagine cheaper. I'd go for that.

All depends on how long your keeping car. K-tec will last at least 3 years I'd imagine!
  Meg 230 R26 F1
The k-tec is £228.85 not fitted (then whatever postage on top), and i've been quoted £349 for a fully fitted stainless 2.25" stealth exhaust from longlife in oxford.

cookie-jnr, what sound did you choose for your exhaust?
  Cooksport Fleet
i chose supersport exhaust, then i got a decat made and had fitted.

Its loud, deep with a bit of rasp, didnt like it before i got the decat.

But now i love it, prefer it over the yozza tbh.
HHmmmmmmmmmmm no i looking into getting a new exhaust i have a small hole in my exhaust pipe!
Which gives me the excuse to get a new exhaust!!

Now i kindda need some help here as i was looking at Longlife in stanley park sutton, as my choice of exhaust!

But i am not to clued up with what my options are as i been out of the car modding scene since i bought a house!!

Ideas please im looking around the £300 mark as the max

many thanks

Oh i drive a 1.8 L reg clio ggggrrrrr sexy old school