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K-tec - Trevs R5 beasty

Was talking to Trev earlier today, and he mentioned the bruntingthorpe(sp?) Performance GTI thing a couple of weeks ago, and the figures he got, and theyre bloody fantastic, I remember someone else did a huge thread on it, but just thought Id mention it again, anyway, heres the stats:

0-60 4.8 secs

0-100 10.5 secs

1/4 mile 13.2 @ 108

I tell ya what, when I was down there last he took us out in it, and its fooking fast, and that was only about 23psi boost, he was running about 35psi boost for those figures.... wow.

Yeah Roamer,

It was me that was there also and did the post about it.

Funny as f*ck watching it build up speed then start to spin the wheels in 3rd/4th.