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K20 CUP - Any info?


ClioSport Club Member
  172, Crafter, A3
Bought this Clio 172 cup in May 2021 with the reg number of K20 CUP.

I'm yet to actually drive it, other things have taken priority so it's just been sat there in my unit for the past however many months.

From what i can tell, the car is standard - The fella I bought the car off did tell me it has a diff but until I actually drive the thing it will remain a mystery....... Unless there's a hero amongst us that can give me any details? He also mentioned it was a track car prior to his ownership and he purchased it from the Bristol/Somerset area.

The car has been Kev'd unfortunatly..... There'll be a project thread starting sometime this week.

Any information on the car is welcome!