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just had a race with a standard 16V. Pulled up at lights and asked him wht mods he had and he said he didnt know but thinks its standard. Anyway lights turned green and he shot off mid-conversation. put it this way, not only had i caught him up but i flew past him mid second gear(50ish??) All i have is an induction kit, straight through exhaust and HP stage 1 chip:devilish:
  320d M Sport

You "flew" past him even though he got off quicker? Kin ell, did you used to drive a Saxo?;)


thats why i put this post up, i shouldnt have beat him by so much should i?? thing is it had 16V arches and exhaust so it must have been although it had been re-sprayed a lovelt lime colour

Might have been 1.4 with the arches added or somethings a miss with the engine or he just cant drive for s**t.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My 16v seems a lot faster after I went for a blast in my mates standard 19 16v. It seemed very slow in comparison!