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KITTED maxim arch update

alright ppl sorry about b4 the computer cut out on me and i posted hey there ha!!!!!

ive got the net now down @ leeming so im online more often and thought i would give u guys an update!!!

the motor is running well sweet now with a nice new service!!!!

also the arches are coming on fine! i have some pictures of the tester arch bellow that i tried but my m8 is making some better ,wider badboys!!!

hoping it will all be ready soon!

there a few other cheeky mods getting done! relocating indicators and getting my foglights fitted! and some possible engine mods!!!

keeping u up to date!!


[Edited by meddy-clio on 24 March 2005 at 3:12pm]
  A silver Honda

Looking good mate but you need some bigger wheels or spacers on those wheels to fill the arches up.

ello folks just in from the piss so might be a bit muddled up this writing ha!

yeah got some 2 " spacers! thinking of 1.8 16v engine from a renault 19 and using the wider renault 19 arms and shafts etc so as to have it wider without spacers but cant afford that insurance wise right now so think im getting it cam head and chipped then get some of the interiour and soundsa sorted so in a years time hand to andy for some seriour williams or 16v power!

doing most work my self tho so its taking time!! having good fun trying tho!!! tha actual wide arches that are on now are wider than shown in the pics!!! will try to get some pics soon! and ideas for vents or mods before paint would be apreciated as u never know u might see thewm on the motor!!!


hey bud sorry i was meaning the engine im only 18 be 19 this year with two no claims in Nov so see how prices are then!

or i might be sick of the motor by then ha who knows!