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Knock Sensor

  Evo 8 MR
I recently plugged in the rstuner to clear some airbag related faults and noticed there was a fault there saying knock sensor 1 circuit. I had no idea there was such a fault as the car seemed to be running fine but just for peace of mind I ordered a new one. The Renault parts girl had no idea what it was and had to ask "one of the lads" and apparently they call it a pinking sensor but anyway when I came to fit it the old one was literally snapped in half. It was only holding on by the smallest of threads so it got me thinking how the hell it could have happened so I'm just curious if anyone else has had this happen?

Also I recall the last time it was on the rollers at RS Tuning Paul said the knock sensor was retarding the ignition right at the top end and he said it was because the exhaust was rattling and it must have been picking it up as knock. I had no reason to disbelieve this until now as I'm thinking maybe it was due to it being damaged and causing it to read irregularly?

Anyhow I actually have no idea how long it's been like this but now it does seem to be pulling a lot stronger. Is this possible or is it just me feeling the placebo effect?
As I said Steve I think its poor design on the sensor itself, the new one didn't look upto much tbh. Once the ridges on the plastic sheer off or the metal bends it will happen again. Glad we got it sorted though and I don't think its placebo.

If its pulling stronger you will know that for definite, you should know that car well enough by now!
  clio 182FF
Sorry to bring this old thread up. Just saw - just tried changing my oil pressure sensor and i didnt have a 22m deep socket so i used a spanner instead to see if it could loosen it in the small space left. Managed to give it maybe 1/8 a turn to loosen it then the spanner hit what i thought was the enginge block. I then realised i had actually hit the knock sensor and it is possibly damaged now as it seems to bend a bit... doesnt look to good anyway, not sure if any lights come up about this? Anyway that may answer your question as to what could have caused it to your car maybe!