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KTEC Stealth with Silencer

I'm trying to do all the little breathing mods to get the best power out of my 172 before getting it mapped.

Currently I have:
  • Ported & Polished Inlets,
  • Fatty Ramair Induction kit,
  • Ktec Stealth Exhaust
  • Decat & 182 Manifold purchased & going on within the next week

The reason for this post is my Ktec stealth has a silencer and wondered if this will make a power difference over a system without the silencer.
  monaco 172
Nah I wouldn't have thought so. Silencers aren't restrictive like a cat.

I recently swapped my straight through centre section for a silenced one on my ktec stealth and can't say as I noticed any difference other than a much nicer commute that doesn't make my ears ring.

But, you can have my old centre section for a tenner if you want to try it. I'm only in Sheffield, not far from Leeds