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KW Variant 2 vs B14 vs H&R

No one seems to rave abt the KW v2 here, wonder why? i intend to get some coilovers that is track bias. anyone had or sat in a ride with KW v2, how's the feel? i know the H&R is great on road and B14 is on track. Would also like to know where KW stands amongst these 2.
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had the kw v2 on my rs, plenty of adjustment, very good on track. i think the h&r are a little soft for regular trackdayers. there are only a couple of people on here to my knowledge that have tried the kw's, maybe its the price or lack of reviews? got mine second hand. im looking at kw's for the williams as an alternative to the avo's, as i have had them before.
i understand KW use koni dampers, whose springs do they use for their coilovers? i was advised to buy koni dampers instead of KW and save the cash since both are essentially the same dampers. i doubt that's the case huh? does KW not revalve the dampers according to their own specs? does the KW v2 adj dampers have more damping settings to play wif compared to koni adj dampers?
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im on kw variant 2's mate - never had a problem with them at all.

they are koni dampers at the rear. are pretty solid though.

never tried any of the others so cant comment on them.
^^ do you mean the kw rear dampers are exactly the same as koni yellows? how abt the front?

how do you find the ride on road and track? mine's a mk1 172.
I don't see the point in buying 'half adjustable' suspension. If you just drive on the road and want your nice soft ride then just get H&Rs. If you want to use the suspension seriously on track, then go for the Variant 3s or Blisteins.
dun think there's kw v3 for the clio rs? for the track, i'm sure the B14 is great out of the box. surely the kw v2 is somewhere between the H&R and B14, the adj damping will come in handy for road and track setup?
  EK9 + Mfactory gearing..
kw v2 has damping adjustment. there is a variant 3 for the rs, k-tec used to sell it but it was pricey and really for those who would do a lot of trackdays. had mine setup perfectly for the road, firm, no bounce or roll, car was sharp with plenty of 'feel', on track i notched it up slightly but left the ride height where it was as i wanted to know how far i could push it at road height, handling was excellent, plenty of feedback. it really depends how much track time you are going to put in as to how much cash you want to spend.